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How to create a mid-century modern home office

Inspired by post-war simplicity and the beauty of natural shapes and materials, mid-century modern is the perfect choice for serene 21st-century homes. Follow our five easy steps to create the same serene feel in your home office space – whatever you use the room for. We’ve picked the furniture, accessories, room layout and colour scheme for the […]

Man cave ideas – to create the ideal den for working, entertaining and relaxing

Man cave ideas can turn under-used spaces into dedicated hideaways that you don’t have to go to the man-cave shed at the bottom of the garden to access. The room you choose for your man cave depends on how you – or your man – want to use the space. Do you fancy creating a home […]

How to make your workplace feel like home

Because wearing pyjamas to the office is probably not an option… Aah, working from home. It’s the dream, isn’t it? Getting up minutes – rather than hours – before your official start time. Commuting ‘down the stairs’ or even ‘across the landing’ to your dining table or desk. Dressing formally to the waist – newsreader, […]

Craft room ideas – 5 creative ways to create a creative space

Make time and room for your sewing projects, never has a work place looked so inviting Any serious crafter will appreciate the pleasure in having a dedicated space devoted entirely to their favourite hobby. Crafting can accumulate a serious amount of ‘stuff’, from equipment and tools to materials and supplies. So craft room ideas that […]

Home office desk ideas – 5 ways to kit out your work space with style

Whether you work from home on the odd occasion or spend much of your working week at home, organising a work space that suits your set-up is key. Home office desk ideas can vary from compact desks for laptop working, to storage-heavy set-ups that house larger amounts of kit and paperwork. Or even desk-in-a-cupboard options […]

Home office lighting ideas to brighten up your work space

Working from home can be great – you pick your late starts and early finishes, and no one will know if you wear your pyjamas all day! But, to avoid your home office becoming a place of easy distraction and restlessness, good lighting is essential. So we’ve come up with some clever home office lighting […]

5 Home Office Ideas on a Budget + Setup Tricks

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people have had to start working from home. The new working model has brought with it new, unexpected challenges and expenses for many. Considering the number of hours spent working each day, a comfortable environment is paramount to well-being. Among just some of the […]


These days, it’s possible (and sometimes required) to accomplish a huge range of educational goals from home. But whether you’re studying for nursing school or learning video editing from YouTube tutorials, it’s important to have a space that’s conducive to working hard and achieving at your highest possible level. That’s why many people have found […]

5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office

While it’s easy to let styling your home office become an afterthought, we’re of the mind that creating a workspace filled with personality and thoughtful details makes for more productive, energized days. Whether you’re working from home full time or you simply want to designate a space for productivity, creating a distraction-free zone for your […]

Home Office Décor Inspiration

If you’re looking for some home office inspiration… you’ve come to the right place! As the idea of the workplace shifts for so many of us, we want to be more intentional about how we design our office spaces to feel functional, beautiful, and productive. Whether your “office” space is an entire room or a […]