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“From Drab to Fab: Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space”

Here’s a potential description for a blog about decor for a bathroom wall: Transform your bathroom with these creative wall decor ideas! Elevate your bathroom aesthetic and create a relaxing oasis with easy DIY tips, trendy inspiration, and artistic touches. Whether you have a small space or a large bathroom, we have the ultimate guide […]

How to decorate colorful interiors to create a modern lifestyle style

All-white interiors are far from plain. These layered, perfected spaces beam with natural light and textural delights. In fact, when done right, a white home interior can be warm, inviting, and attractive. And with a few tips, you could be on your way to an all-white interior design masterpiece of your own! Anyone familiar with interior […]

How to decorate black and white tones that are easy to coordinate for the bathroom

Bathroom décor should be clean, simple, and representative of your personality. Don’t overlook this essential area! A well-designed home includes every space, no matter how small. Whether your bathroom is expansive and luxurious, or hardly bigger than a half-bath, you can still maximize style. You want to be careful not to overwhelm your bathroom, and keep it looking sleek […]

Nordic Wall Lamp – Light Layering Tips for the Fall

Progress Lighting offers light layering tips for creating a warm and cozy mood for your home this fall season. Just like dressing in layers is necessary for the fall, light must be layered to create a cozy and functional ambiance. The key to a proper lighting plan is to use a multi-layered approach that combines three types […]

Top 10 Home Renovation Projects for Fall 2022

It was marked as the third-hottest summer and luckily we are still here. That’s why many of us are embracing the cooler weather with open arms. Given the fact that fun comes with pool parties and outdoor barbecues,…doesn’t mean any fun must be outdoor. “According to our data, nearly one-third of homeowners plan to make […]

12 Breathtaking Floral Design Ideas for Your Table

Breath of Fresh Air Yellow roses, yellow peonies and lilac blooms make a wonderful centerpiece for your coffee table or any side table. This heavy clear glass vase allows the stems to become a design element. New Life for Watering Can This is a low-cost great look and one you can create with a favorite […]

Mexican Interior Design: 8 Defining Tips and Tricks

If you love the look of bold colors, rustic furnishings and Native American influences, then you might want to consider Mexican interior design for your home. Mexican design has an eclectic feel, mixing rustic wood and wrought iron furnishings with over-the-top, bright, vivid colors. The look incorporates elements from the Spanish missionaries and conquistadors who […]

Reading corner ideas – create the perfect place to indulge in a good book

1. Set the scene with a view (Image credit: future PLC/Joanna Henderson) Position your chosen chair by a window with a view to enliven all the senses – for the moments you take a break from your page too. Read along with a song to add further appeal. A soothing soundtrack can provide the perfect […]

How to create a mid-century modern home office

Inspired by post-war simplicity and the beauty of natural shapes and materials, mid-century modern is the perfect choice for serene 21st-century homes. Follow our five easy steps to create the same serene feel in your home office space – whatever you use the room for. We’ve picked the furniture, accessories, room layout and colour scheme for the […]

5 Modern and Chic Ideas for Your Home Office

Everyone has a different set of needs for their workspace, so many design ideas are by no means one-size-fits-all. However, that doesn’t mean that creating the perfect office space is impossible, far from it. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of creating a space that will allow you to work from home, look […]