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Gender Neutral Elephant Nursery – Green Paint

We love this easy-to-achieve animal safari nursery decor. Its classic green, panelled wall (painted in Treron by Farrow & Ball) ties in the elephant artwork. Babies and children adore this giant giraffe toy from Scandiborn – and what’s not to love about the woolly mammoth rocking toy!   The key to achieving this look is to […]

Nordic Wall Lamp – Light Layering Tips for the Fall

Progress Lighting offers light layering tips for creating a warm and cozy mood for your home this fall season. Just like dressing in layers is necessary for the fall, light must be layered to create a cozy and functional ambiance. The key to a proper lighting plan is to use a multi-layered approach that combines three types […]

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor for the New Year

After taking down decorations, we’ve noticed things looking pretty bare around here. Time for a refresh! To remedy those post-holiday home decor blues, we’re sharing 5 easy ways to give your home an updated look for the new year! 1. Update Your Pillows Though they may be small, they’re mighty! We love throw pillows; what a wonderfully […]

How to Find Pre-Loved Pieces for an Eclectic Boho Home

If an eclectic boho home is your style, you’re most likely the type of person who schedules in thrifting on a Saturday morning — are we right? It’s all about finding the best pre-loved home decor items to give them new life while infusing some old soul into your home. But like everything else, COVID […]

10 of the Best Decorating Lessons I Learned in My 20s

With my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, I’ve naturally been doing some major reflection. And in the spirit of looking back at everything I’ve learned in my 20s, I of course had to make note of all of the design-related tidbits I’ve gathered over the past 10 years, too. Admittedly, some of these takeaways are simply notes to […]

How To Decorate A Small Room With Low Ceilings

Small rooms often have low ceilings, which makes them feel even smaller. This means that the usual tricks of decorating with tall lamps or creating a high bed are not very practical. However, there are several small room ideas for how to decorate a low ceiling that can help you create an inviting space where […]