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5 Modern and Chic Ideas for Your Home Office

Everyone has a different set of needs for their workspace, so many design ideas are by no means one-size-fits-all. However, that doesn’t mean that creating the perfect office space is impossible, far from it. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of creating a space that will allow you to work from home, look […]

Easy and Stylish Desk Organization Ideas

While the future of working from home may be in limbo, your office supplies don’t have to be. Whether you have the most ‘gram-worthy WFH set-up or you’re just trying to find your highlighter, implementing an organizational system for your desk is easier than you think. The key to an organized space is having a dedicated place for each item. […]

How to Transform Your Basement Into a Functional Office Space

The first step in designing a home office is finding a place to put that home office. And sometimes, this requires a little creativity. If you’re out of space on your main floor and all your nooks and crannies are spoken for, you may want to head downstairs to see if your basement has any space to […]

How to Organize Your Desk for the Most Productive Workday

Desk a little untidy? We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long week of working, your desk is messy, and you just can’t seem to focus. Who can blame you? When you barely have room to set down your computer or keyboard on your desk, it complicates things. As we ease into the new year, creating […]

How to Craft a Truly Perfect Home Office, According to Designers

Designing a home office is no easy task. Because if you get something wrong, you don’t just see it, you feel it—and you feel it every weekday from 9-to-5. A great home office is comfortable enough to spend all day in, minimal enough to keep you focused, and ideally, interesting enough to get your creative juices flowing. “Life […]

Create the Perfect Home Office in 8 Steps

Your home is your castle, but it can also be the central command post for your business, or a secondary workplace if you frequently bring work home. If the latter, you may not have much input regarding the appearance of your workplace office (or cubicle). However, as the king or queen of your castle, you […]

5 Desk Essentials I Can’t Work From Home Without

There are plenty of desk must-haves while working from home: your laptop—which hopefully is running smoothly without spotty WiFi —a comfortable spot to set up camp, and plenty of Post-it notes to jot down reminders throughout the day. These essentials do have permanent homes on my desk, but there are several other pieces of desk décor that are […]