Nordic Wall Lamp – Light Layering Tips for the Fall

Progress Lighting offers light layering tips for creating a warm and cozy mood for your home this fall season. Just like dressing in layers is necessary for the fall, light must be layered to create a cozy and functional ambiance. The key to a proper lighting plan is to use a multi-layered approach that combines three types […]

Get Your Porch & Backyard Winter Ready!

With the Canadian seasons, our time spent outdoors is cut-short due to cold weather. If you don’t have a sunroom to spend time in during the winter months, but still want to spend time outside, consider adding one, or many, of these additions to your porch or backyard this winter. Shelter Wind, especially during the winter […]


 Let’s talk task lamps! Much like hand soaps, desk lamps are another item I have a weakness for. Perhaps it’s the hinged arm or their convenient functionality, but I enjoy a good looking lamp sitting atop my desk or workspace. I figured a roundup was in order! Even if your office, studio, or workspace isn’t as […]

Top 10 Home Renovation Projects for Fall 2022

It was marked as the third-hottest summer and luckily we are still here. That’s why many of us are embracing the cooler weather with open arms. Given the fact that fun comes with pool parties and outdoor barbecues,…doesn’t mean any fun must be outdoor. “According to our data, nearly one-third of homeowners plan to make […]

Top 3 Best Christmast Gifts Under $30 for Your Teen Boy in 2022

If you’re in the middle of planning out all your Christmas shopping, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to online ordering, getting Christmas gifts for the holidays is easier than ever. Remember when it comes to holiday shopping, expensive doesn’t always mean better. You can buy gifts under $30 that are more than practical […]

How To Choose the best type of Drywall?

What is Drywall? Drywall is one of the many versatile building materials used to construct modern homes. Drywall is used to create or cover walls and ceilings, and often, stud walls prior to finishing The advantage of drywall compared to other materials is that it allows for a smooth, invisible finish that can be painted […]

10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Island More Accessible

Kitchen islands have been a must-have for many years. With upgrades, they have evolved in so many ways – emphasizing the importance of performance and appearance. If you’re looking to install a new kitchen island, or are looking for ways to upgrade your current kitchen island, read on to learn about 10 ways to make your […]