5 of the Best Tips for Decorating a Home Office

So you have a home office. Congratulations! Plenty of people long for a dedicated space in their homes where they can focus and tackle their to-dos. That being said, the idea of a home office and the reality of having one can be very different. Having an office in your house means welcoming work into […]

Our 9 Favorite Home Office Desk Ideas

You can find any size of home office desk with the features you need, all without sacrificing style — today’s home office desks are gorgeous. Your home office may be a spacious room dedicated to your work, a niche you’ve carved out of a closet or the corner of your bedroom. No matter the size […]


Whether you’re headed back to the office or reclaiming your WFH space, now is the best time to refresh your desk. Here are our top 10 desk organization tips you can use today to get organized, improve your productivity, and set your workspace up for success, no matter where your desk is. 1. Give yourself space […]

Decorating Your Office: 4 Simple Ways to Increase Satisfaction and Productivity

We spend a third of our life at work. While at the office, you’re expected to be productive, creative, and social. The design of your office greatly affects how you feel and think. If you haven’t consciously noticed how your mood is affected in different settings, I’m sure you’ve tried to fight for the window […]

How to Make Your Office Feel More Like Home

Sometimes leaving the coziness of your home and going to the office can make your heart hurt a little, especially when the temperatures are low and the comfort of home tempts you to avoid the office all together with every passing day of winter. We’re big proprietors for the idea that going to the office […]

7 Work Office Decorating Ideas To Inspire Creativity Lamp; Productivity

Whether you commute to a corporate office or you work at home, it’s always fun to decorate your work space.   If you work full time, you’re staring at the same four walls for 40 hours or more a week so it’s totally understandable and normal that it can start to feel really uninspiring and […]


here must something in the water—or, in this case, the light waves—for these four young design studios. Their spring and summer lighting introductions make the most of evolved material languages to deliver fixtures that are at once comforting and subtly defiant of expectations. From the delicate yet thoughtfully adaptable chain-link motifs of Trueing’s latest, to Blue Green […]

Dining Table Decor Ideas for your Home

Your dining table is where you treat yourself to your meals, bond with family members over conversations, and celebrate a feast with friends and family. Sprucing up your dining table to make it look beautiful can change your meal experience and make you feel like you are eating out at a fancy restaurant or a […]