10 Elegant Decor Ideas to Celebrate Spring 2023

With every changing season, homeowners tend to give their homes a makeover. Curb appeal and the overall appearance of homes is something that homeowners take pride in. And with the ever-changing decor themes from summer, fall, winter, and soon-to-be spring there are plenty of trends ranging from big to small ideas for interior and exterior decor. Take a look at these 10 elegant decor ideas to celebrate spring 2023!

Accent Wall

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a budget-friendly project to update and decorate your home. Use this to your advantage this spring by adding a fun-coloured accent wall in your bathroom, kitchen, living, or dining room. Spring colours inspired by nature can transform the mood and overall appearance of the space. Think about natural earth tones or brightly coloured pastels.

Bold Front Door

Try something new this spring by painting your front door a bold colour. A bold front door can increase your curb appeal and add value to your home. You can consider the Pantone colour of the year Viva Magneta to add that pop to your home’s exterior. If your door is already painted, you can stain your porch or deck colour to emphasize the spring decor.

Fireplace Mantel

Without much use in the spring, your fireplace can act as more than a heat source. Use this off-season to decorate your fireplace mantel with plants and other trinkets. If you want some inspiration for spring decor, get connected with an interior decorator today.


Nothing says spring like house plants. Adding more greenery to your home can bring the feeling of spring indoors. You can get creative with where you place your plants and the spots are endless. You can decorate your bookshelves, end tables, bathrooms, dining tables, and front porches.

Print Wall

print wall decor small

A print wall is a great decor idea that works with every season. Collecting prints to match each season makes it easy to swap out when seasons change. This spring, look to add something simple and bright to the space.

Floral Decor

Swapping out your bedding, couch pillow covers, and blanket is a subtle decor change that can have a huge impact. Shifting from warm, dark colours to more bright, pastels or floral patterns can emphasize the spring season without doing too much work.


For all you book lovers (or not) decorating your bookshelf with books that include earth tones such as greens, whites, and blues is a small switch that can make all the difference. With the plants you’ve already placed on the shelving, this decor is sure to make some heads turn.


Wallpaper is a cost-friendly solution that can make your home look more expensive. Incorporating a spring-themed wallpaper, such as a floral pattern, greenery, or even birds as an accent wall in a small space is the perfect solution that can also be temporary. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are great as you can swap them out whenever you would like. If you don’t want to deal with installing the wallpaper yourself, hire a pro to help you.

Outdoor Comfort

Creating outdoor comfort is a great way to not only appreciate your exterior decor, but also enjoy the warm sun that comes with springtime (of course when it’s not raining). You don’t need to go big for this project. Front porch decor, or backyard seating, is as simple as adding a chair or two to the space accompanied by a small outdoor table. A throw blanket and some pillows can add a welcoming feel to the space.


front porch spring decor

A lot of homeowners think that a wreath can only be displayed in the winter months. However, wreaths are a great all-year-round decor piece that is as simple as it is effective. Of course, you’ll want to swap out your winter-themed wreath for something more suited to the spring season. If you can’t find anything you like you can rely on homemade spring wreath crafts by incorporating flowers and ribbons as decorating accessories.

Try incorporating one or many of these small, yet elegant decor ideas into your home this spring. These decor ideas are perfect for any home to test out and learn what you do and don’t like. Take time to experiment with ideas that are outside of your comfort zone as you may find to love them after all! You can also hire a local interior decorator to discuss and implement your ideas.