How to decorate colorful interiors to create a modern lifestyle style

All white interior living roomAll-white interiors are far from plain. These layered, perfected spaces beam with natural light and textural delights. In fact, when done right, a white home interior can be warm, inviting, and attractive. And with a few tips, you could be on your way to an all-white interior design masterpiece of your own!

Anyone familiar with interior design color psychology will tell you there is power in white. Beloved for its versatility, white can decorate every room in your house. Read on to learn how you can pull off the all-white interior look.

Why Choose White Interiors?

All white interior design ideas Sonia C

All-white interior house by-white wall decor

To a certain degree, opting for an all-white interior design is playing it safe. But it can still be an avenue full of excitement and intrigue. After all, so many more products are available in white than your favorite hue. Besides, extremes have always been interesting – it’s why black and white interior design ideas are always in demand.

Unlike many other colors and tones, monochrome never goes out of style. For this reason, white is suitable for nearly all surroundings. Whether a house is small or large, enjoys little or plenty of sunlight: a white interior design works 

Some hidden benefits of an all-white home interior include:

  • It improves home maintenance because you spot dirt faster and do a better job at keeping things clean
  • Your home seems more elegant than multi-colored spaces
  • White interiors are serene and relaxing
  • Rooms feel lighter and brighter
  • It’s budget-friendly as white furniture and interior decor are easy to come by

All-White Interior Ideas from Design Pros

White home dining room interior - Anna C

White home dining room interior by white wall decor

If you love modern white interior design, why not embrace it? Yes, it may seem daunting at first, but trust us – the results are completely worth it! The interior design pros have plenty of white interior ideas to create a stunning space.

1. Pick Designer-Favorite White Paint Shades

white interior living room and dining room julian a

White interior living room and dining room by white wall decor

When painting white walls interior designers agree that you shouldn’t feel restricted to a pure or true white. That’s the beauty of an all-white interior house. You still get to play around with different shades to get your desired effect. No matter whether you want a white interior living room, bedroom, or den – there’s an ideal tone out there for every space. Here are a few designer-approved recommendations you’ll want to consider.

Cool December (DEW383) – Dunn-Edwards

Designer's favorite white paint color for interiors - Dunn Edwards & Home Bunch

Although this designer-favorite white paint finds itself on the cool side of the spectrum, it’s remarkably well-balanced. Cool December is perfect for spaces that need a touch more brightness or rooms you want to feel more open.

Dover White (SW 6385) – Sherwin-Williams

White interiors with designer favorite white paint - Sherwin Williams & Countryliving

For a vintage vibe that feels equally fresh and clean, choose Dover White. This shade is especially flattering when used in spaces featuring exposed brick and wood.

Honeymilk (7003-4) – Valspar

White interiors and designer favorite white paint - Valspar

With its touch of beige, Honeymilk is a soft, warm egg-shell-white. It works wonders on walls and has a certain timeless quality to it.

Decorator’s White (CC-20) – Benjamin Moore

White interior deisgn with designer favorite white paint - Benjamin Moore & Apartment Therapy

Happy, crisp, and clean, Decorator’s White is ideal for spaces that need just a dollop of warmth or ones that you want to feel delicately pretty. An added benefit of this shade is that it stays true to its root color, whatever the lighting may be.

Wevet (No. 273) – Farrow & Ball

Modern white interior design - Wevet & Decor Pad

Give your white interiors lots of depth by painting them in Wevet. This contrasting off-white features a hint of grey and works well both on its own and with other hues. 

2. White Interior Décor 101: Use Texture to Your Advantage

White bedroom interior design - Kristina B

White walls interior by white wall decor

All-white interiors come alive when playing around with different textures. Don’t be afraid to mix and match matte and glossy finishes, layer different kinds of linen, silk and more. Texture not only adds warmth but visual appeal as well. Experiment by introducing hard textures (like metals and wood) and soft textures (like cotton and wool) to a space.

3. Mismatch Tones in an All-White Interior House

White interiors with wood accents - Rehan A.

Kitchen part of all-white interiors by white wall decor

Just because you want to make your home feel just like the trendiest white interiors, it doesn’t mean you should restrict each room to a single shade. Throw caution to the wind and experiment! Start layering your favorite shades of white, off-white, and cream. Mismatching white hues won’t look off-putting or disorganized. In reality, it could transform a space by adding depth.

4. Introduce Artwork to a White Interior Design

White interior house, dining room ideas - Selma A

White interior house by white wall decor

Artwork not only adds personality to a space but also complements a monochrome interior beautifully. The best part is that any kind of art will do. Be it black and white, colorful, large, small – absolutely anything goes.

White living room interior design - Jessica S.

White interior design of a living room by white wall decor

Ultimately, white walls allow the artwork to stand out. If you want to create a statement, add a single, oversized piece of art to a minimalist room or as an accent to a busy room. On the other hand, gallery walls are ideal for rooms with and without any defining architectural characteristics. This is because gallery walls can both create points of interest or tone down ones that are already present.

5. Add Color & Warmth the Natural Way

White walls for a bathroom interior with marble details - Lori D

White walls in a bathroom interior by white wall decor

Fend off coldness by adding natural color – and warmth – to an all-white interior design. Think of anything out of nature, such as plants, marble, stone, and wood. Elements originating from the great outdoors breathe life into any interior, whether monochrome or not. Plants are especially useful, as they gently break the white in interiors by adding a welcome earthy softness.

6. Make Use of Mementos

Modern white interior living room design - kate s

Modern white interior living room design by white wall decor

Creating appealing white interior design requires adding interesting objects into the mix. And what better way to do that than display personal mementos? These sentimental pieces help bring out the best in white spaces.

They can add a certain liveliness to a room, making it feel positive and happy. For this reason, decorate your white interior living room, dining room, study, and beyond with one or two beloved keepsakes. You certainly proudly display a book collection, prized family heirloom, as well as tasteful souvenirs.