6 Victorian Decor Ideas To Enhance Your Living Room

Recently, we have seen a shift in homes towards a more modern design, both exterior and interior. However, due to pop culture and a love for the historic past, more homeowners are shifting, almost, back to the Victorian era. With a mix between Victorian and modern styles, modern-Victorian design, decor, and personality is showing up more and more inside homes today. If you’re looking to go back, but not too far, take a look at these 6 Victorian decor ideas to enhance your living room.

Fireplace & Mantel

crown molding fireplace

The fireplace is the centrepiece of most living rooms today. No matter how big or small, a living room is designed around it. To add a Victorian flare to the space, you could consider a fireplace mantel. Mantels with fine details in the molding can give you the feeling that you are in an older, yet elegant space. Additionally, leaving the space above your mantel free (hmm hmm no TV) and adding a mirror or art is another great way to express modern-Victorian design.

If you’re not looking to do too much work, you could simply paint your fireplace mantel to make it stand out. Any pop of colour is a great way to draw attention to the piece. Plus, you can add accent colours throughout the home to tie it all together, such as curtain accessories or throw pillows. There are so many ways to decorate your fireplace mantle creatively.

wood burning stove

If you really want something Victorian, you can swap out your gas fireplace for a true, wood-burning stove. This is a true conversation piece that will also work to heat your home.

Custom Cabinets

custom cabinets

Alongside your new mantel, you can get custom cabinets built to perfectly fill the space. With a combination of shelving and cupboards, it’s a great way to decorate the space and store your personal items. Custom built-ins, rather than a free-standing piece, can give the illusion that it was part of the original build.

Crown Molding

crown molding detail design

While you may not see it in many homes today, it’s said that crown molding will never go out of style. The beauty of crown molding is that it doesn’t have to be used in every room of your home. In fact, it is most commonly used in the living room. Whether it’s a simple design, or a more intricate one, wooden molding is a great way to bring a more traditional look and feel to your home. To make sure it has the full effect, connect with a carpenter and professional designer on HomeStars today.

Fresh Paint

dark colour paint living room design

Without committing too much time or rearranging, applying a fresh coat of paint can help to tie in a more modern-Victorian design. Typically, in modern homes, we see less colour, with homes painted neutral throughout. Selecting a bold and dark colour such as maroons, deep blues, or greens can really add a sense of modern, yet Victorian design. Older homes were more likely to have more colour in them, with each room almost painted a different or multiple different colours.

New Furniture

vintage style velvet chair

When we mention new furniture as a Victorian decor idea for your living room, we don’t always mean new. While you can purchase Victorian-esque pieces for the space, another great way to enhance your decor is to find custom pieces, handmade pieces, or vintage pieces. This could be an old lamp or chair that has been restored (Tip: Check out your local antique shop for some great finds). Another option is using an old vintage piece as a coffee table or end table. Every piece of furniture has the ability to impact the space, so you can go all out, or keep it simple, either way, it’s a great decor idea.


royal rug victorian style

If you’re fortunate enough to have your home’s original flooring that’s in good condition, be sure to show that off! If the flooring wasn’t able to be restored or was already ripped up, don’t worry. Choosing rug designs with animal prints, royal rugs, or other dramatic ideas, or even installing dark tile can bring out the Victorian design while keeping it modern.

While these are just some of the decor ideas available, there is so much you can do! Just remember that if the idea is to create a modern-Victorian design be sure to include not only the Victorian but also the modem. Play around with what your personal style is, and what works well within your space. Pairing a Victorian velvet couch with some modern art is a great way to blend the two eras. If you’re completely unsure of where to begin, get connected with a professional designer today.