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If it feels like your home is a blank canvas and you desperately need art inspiration, don’t despair – it’s actually the perfect place to start! Generally speaking, there are three reasons why your home might feel like a blank canvas for new art options: 1) It’s your new home. There’s nothing on the walls […]

What is the difference between direct and indirect light?

A common lighting concept that we often encounter today is the terms direct and indirect lighting. Consumers often wonder what it is and why is it important to know the difference. How does direct versus indirect light affect a room and from which light sources do you get which light? The use of the right […]

5 DIY Wall Art Projects for a High-End Look on a Budget

Custom artwork doesn’t have to bust your decorating budget. With some crafting supplies and a little imagination, you can create your own expensive-looking DIY wall art in no time! Plus, each of these fabulous art ideas is surprisingly low-cost. 01 DIY Abstract Art Large-scale abstract art pieces typically have equally large price tags. But with a […]

Gender Neutral Elephant Nursery – Green Paint

We love this easy-to-achieve animal safari nursery decor. Its classic green, panelled wall (painted in Treron by Farrow & Ball) ties in the elephant artwork. Babies and children adore this giant giraffe toy from Scandiborn – and what’s not to love about the woolly mammoth rocking toy!   The key to achieving this look is to […]

3 Unique Design Trends To Look Out For in 2023

Each year brings new designs, trends, and ideas especially when it comes to home decor. While last year’s trends aren’t out of style homeowners begin to incorporate the must-have looks to keep up with the times. Interestingly enough, we have seen older trends circle back into the light. For example, we’ve shifted from a modern […]

6 Victorian Decor Ideas To Enhance Your Living Room

Recently, we have seen a shift in homes towards a more modern design, both exterior and interior. However, due to pop culture and a love for the historic past, more homeowners are shifting, almost, back to the Victorian era. With a mix between Victorian and modern styles, modern-Victorian design, decor, and personality is showing up […]