10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Island More Accessible

Kitchen islands have been a must-have for many years. With upgrades, they have evolved in so many ways – emphasizing the importance of performance and appearance. If you’re looking to install a new kitchen island, or are looking for ways to upgrade your current kitchen island, read on to learn about 10 ways to make your kitchen island more accessible.


kitchen island with bar fridge and sink installed

Installing a microwave, fridge, or other appliances, into your island is convenient. Not only does this open up either counter or cupboard space in other areas, but it makes it easy (and out of the way) to heat up your coffee or food. Additionally, installing a sink and trash on the island makes for easy food prep, with access to the sink and garbage all within arms reach – plus an infinite amount of counter space available for prep. Lastly, installing a bar fridge gives you that extra space that may be taking up a lot of room in your everyday fridge to store water, seltzer, or other drinks for entertaining your guests.


Everyone wants their countertop space to look nice. But looks aren’t always the most important when it comes to your countertop. Especially for a kitchen island, which will become a work zone. You’ll want to install a durable countertop that is heat resistant, scratch resistant and can take a lot, with little to no maintenance. You can learn more about different countertops here.


overhead targeted lighting for kitchen island

Your kitchen island will become the centrepiece of the space. Used for all kinds of activities, you need to ensure that there is plenty of lighting to light the space. This can include overhang lights, as well as recessed lighting. Not only is proper lighting practical for functionally, but it can help to draw attention to the island. If your current space lacks targeted lighting, be sure to connect with a pro to install new lighting.


An electrical outlet, or multiple, maybe a code requirement depending on the size of your kitchen island. Make sure that you are strategic in picking the locations. If you’re unsure, talk to an expert today. Outlets on the island are great for plugging in any appliances or even charging your phone or laptop.

Personal Touch

Functionality is and should be, the priority when you are designing anything for your home. However, it’s important to incorporate some type of personal flair into your designs. This is a great way to express your personality through different pieces throughout your home. It will also make you appreciate and love the concept that much more. Whether you head to your favourite furniture department to hand-pick the stools for your island, or even something as simple as selecting the drawer pulls and knobs, you can have a lot of fun with this. The best part about the kitchen island is that its small fixtures and chairs don’t have to necessarily match the rest of the room. So be bold, and have fun with adding your own personal design to the piece.


seating for kitchen island overhang counter

If you already have an existing kitchen island, with seating or without, you know that family and friends automatically gather around it at some point. Whether it’s during homework time, having a snack, or while you’re entertaining guests, available seating around your kitchen island is a must. Ensure that the counter space extends over where the seating is. This not only creates the illusion of a floating island, but it will maximize comfort.


Kitchen island storage is a great way to expand your storage space. If you find that your current cabinets are overflowing with platters and other appliances, kitchen island storage is a great way to clean that up. What may not be considered as accessible as other cabinets, kitchen island storage is great for items that are rarely used. Think about your crock pot that only comes out in the fall or your holiday platters that are only needed during special occasions.

You’ll definitely thank yourself after upgrading your kitchen island with any one of these projects. If you think you could benefit from any one of these, or all of them, be sure to get connected with a local, verified Pro on deskartdecor.com.