Affordable Fall Decor Trends Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Shiny breezy summer is officially over which means the cozy colder months are ahead of us. It also means that it’s time to swap out your summer decor for new autumn decor to complement the gorgeous fall weather. And don’t worry, we know it can be hard to decide on where to start, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of affordable fall decor trends based on your zodiac sign.


interlocking pavers fall leaves

With a love for the outdoors, it’s no surprise that the recommended trend for Libra’s this fall is to update your current or install new, interlocking pavers for your patio. Without colourful flowers and luscious trees, it can be hard to keep up your curb appeal heading into the colder months. Interlocking patio pavers have the aesthetic appeal to attract potential buyers and also impress your neighbours. As well as the symmetry to please your inner Libra. Get connected with a HomeStars Pro to complete this job today.


table decor fall colours

As we settle into the colder months, decor can change from bright and energetic to crisp and cozy. For all the mysterious Scorpios out there, this means you can swap any throw pillows, blankets, candles, and anything else you can think of for the darker tones. If you’re looking for ways to revamp your interior decorating, get connected with a pro to help you transform your space.


interlocking pathway backyard

The exterior decor is just as important as the interior when it comes to your home. Installing a new walkway or steps for your home’s exterior can help boost your curb appeal and create a safe environment for your family and friends to navigate your yard. With a love for freedom and being outdoors, this is the perfect fall outdoor project for all the Sagittarius’ out there.


dark tones living room

Mainly seen as a functional pieces, blinds and shutters have a huge impact on your home’s overall appearance, both inside and out. With a keen eye for quality craftsmanship, installing new blinds and shutters is a great interior decor update for any Capricorns. Not only can this completely transform your home, but you can admire the small details of your new update daily.


modern furniture dining room table and chairs

Aquarius’ are known for their innovative and progressive mindset, which is why incorporating a new bold piece of furniture is just the way to express your personality. Think about incorporating pieces of furniture with soft edges. They can add a feeling of modernity to the space, setting you apart from the traditional squared-off pieces. If this is something you want to add to your space, get connected with an interior designer today.


coffee table and end tables

A lot of furniture today is multi-purpose. Providing both functionality and style, there are so many different options to choose from. If you find that your current pieces are lacking either functionality or aesthetics, think about redecorating with new end tables, a coffee table, or a bookshelf. As a Pisces you can choose softer tones, expressing your personality through your furniture, ultimately setting the energy for the rest of your home.


bathroom fixtures

A bathroom is arguably one of the most used rooms in a home. With that being said, it’s important to ensure your bathroom is both functional and aesthetic. TBA Plumbing can help you repair or replace all of your bathroom fixtures, from knobs, taps, and shower heads they have the experience to install new fixtures for a lasting finish. Small fixtures can make an impact. That’s why this project is perfect for Aries to make a bold statement in their selections.


indoor plants

Changing leaves signifies colder weather. With this comes harder soil, making one of Taurus’ hobbies, gardening, hard to do. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying it. Bring all of your plants inside for the winter. We all know the benefit of having greenery in your home, so go all out this fall with new plants around the whole home. The dining room, living room, and bathrooms are a good place to start.


cozy living room

With the colder weather, you’ll be spending more time inside. Updating your living space with cozy furniture is just what you Geminis need. With a love of music, books, and magazines, incorporating a new comfy couch or lounging space into your home is that spontaneous addition to the space that everyone will notice, and love.


dining room place setting

As Cancer’s love a good meal with friends, it’s no surprise that updating their dining decor is a must. From new plates, candlesticks, fruit bowls, place settings and everything in between. With Cancers’ highly imaginative minds, the options are truly endless. Ensure your guests are comfortable and explore new tablescapes today.


bright accent wall living room

Accent walls are the perfect project for all Leos’ to take on. Accent walls are meant to draw attention, or add a decorative flare to a space that is lacking some. This simple, low-budget project can completely transform any space and allow you to express your creative mind and love for bright colours. If you’re interested in an accent wall, get connected with a pro to discuss your ideas today.


earth tones fall decor

With a love for nature, bringing earth tones into your home decor this fall is perfect for any Virgo. Soon the grounds will be covered with white snow, so incorporating earth tones through paint, furniture, blankets, pillows, and anything in between will give you the comfort of nature.

If one of these fall decor trends happens to suit your sign, be sure to head to and submit a service request to get started on your project today. From junk removal, furniture installation, interior decorating, and everything in between, there’s a pro to help you with your job.