3 Projects That Won’t Drill A Hole In Your Pocket

Summer is the season to spend time outside. From entertaining friends and family on your patio to kids running around your lawn, you may notice that your property needs some touch-ups as the end of summer nears. Make the most of the hot season before you decide to cozy up with some fall projects. Here are 3 projects that won’t drill a hole in your pocket as summer comes to a near end.

Interlocking Stone

The end of summer is a great time to touch up your interlocking stone. It could be your interlocking stone driveway, interlocking stone steps, or your interlocking stone patio. With excess use, rain storms, and heat, your patio stones may have shifted or cracked. The great thing about interlocking patios is that the pieces are independent of each other. Meaning that you can simply replace the broken ones with brand new ones. Tending to any broken or cracked stones now, rather than next season, is a great way to get ahead of your to-do list. Plus, if the damage is left alone during the fall and winter, you could come to discover a lot more next spring.

If your interlocking stone is in need of a full repair, rather than replacing it all, a pro can remove, relevel, and relay the existing stones. This can help you save on replacing the entire space, which can be costly. Don’t wait to get this job done- get connected with a pro in your area for a quote today!

Cost for Interlocking Stone Projects in Canada:

City Average Minimum Maximum
Barrie $5,189 $1,000 $10,000
Calgary $21,386 $350 $50,000
Hamilton $1,800 $200 $5,000
Oshawa $2,918 $200 $13,500
Ottawa $8,807 $100 $50,000
Toronto $11,021 $100 $50,000
Vancouver $22,000 $13,000 $25,000

*Costs based on 2,995 verified Canadian homeowner reviews as of March 2022


From rainstorms to kids running around your yard, you may need to touch up some of your landscaping. These quick, low-cost projects can have your yard back in shape and still give time for the plants to grow well into the fall months. If you’re in need of planting a new tree, trimming hedges, or getting your grass cut, contact a landscape architect today.

Power Washing

Power washing your property has the ability to make it look brand new. You could do your poolside patio, your deck, your interlocking stone patio, your front walkway, your driveway, and even your home’s siding! Having your property power washed can help to remove any tough stains on the dirty stone, and can help to protect and prolong the lifetime of the surface. Algae, mold, and fungi can grow on the surface throughout the years. Removing it through power washing can prevent buildup over time. Learn about more of the benefits of having your home power washed here. Be sure to hire a pro for your patio surface cleaning before it’s too late!

The end of the summer is a great time to complete these projects. They are great to do ahead of the fall and winter season, to ensure that your property is ready to go come springtime. Plus, all of these projects can be done for a low cost, not dipping into your summer budget too much! If you’re interested in any of these projects be sure to submit a quote on HomeStars to get you connected with a local, verified pro! Remember to check out their HomeStars profile and read reviews before you hire!

If you’re interested in tackling a larger project, don’t let the lack of funds stop you from achieving your dream renovation. Check out the HomeStars & Perch financing options available and calculate your eligibility today to get refinancing against your home equity.

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