5 Design Ideas For A Luxury Summer Deck

The summertime is great for gathering with friends and family, and one of the best places to do it is in your own backyard! With the opportunity to entertain and cook, it’s the perfect setting. If you’ve been thinking about projects to build toward your dream deck design, look no further. Here are 5 design ideas for a luxury summer deck experience.


fireplace on deck modern

Installing a fireplace on your deck is one luxury design project that is quite simple and lower in cost. The addition of a fireplace is a great way to extend your deck or patio well into the cooler months. Whether you have a wood deck or a composite deck there are fireplaces that you can place directly on the surface, without the risk of any damage. With gas fireplaces, you are able to control the amount of flame, and in turn the amount of heat. Additionally, there is a variety of styles available for gas-burning fire tables. Talk to a pro about the options available for your deck today.


fountain with fish luxury deck

Another luxury design idea for your summer deck is adding a fountain. A fountain will enhance the beauty of your deck. It’s important to pick the right size for your space. Going too big or too small can crowd the space, or not fill it enough, respectively. Fountains offer more than an aesthetic appeal. They can add to the relaxed ambience of the space, mute out any unwanted noises (think traffic nearby), and can even attract some wildlife, such as birds.

Lighting and Sound

outdoor landscape lighting deck

Entertaining and hosting during the day is not an issue in your backyard. However, once the sun sets, you want to still experience your beautiful outdoor space. You can enhance it greatly by having a proper lighting and sound system installed.

Proper lighting enhances the overall ambience of the space, but it also provides a practical function of lighting the space while using it. It can be difficult to have conversations with people in the dark, and also dangerous to navigate during the night time especially if there is a pool nearby.

Portable speakers are great, but only when you need something to take away from your property. Sounds systems not only produce incredible sound, they also will ensure that everyone can enjoy it. Plus they take away the hassle of plugging in multiple speakers or worrying about a battery dying. With speakers spread around the deck and even yard, whether you’re in the pool or on the deck, everyone will hear the same level of noise.

Built-in Hot Tub

built in hot tub deck

If you want to really enhance your decks’ space, well into the winter even, installing a hot tub is the perfect project. Rather than having a bulky piece that occupies a majority of the deck and is difficult to get in and out of, you can have it installed right at deck level. With minor deck construction, the hot tub can be installed flush with the deck almost hiding the hot tub in plain sight, not taking away from any other aspect of the space. If you’re interested in having a hot tub installed, connect with a pro in your area today.

Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen stainless steel

Image courtesy of NewAge Products

The addition of an outdoor kitchen to your deck will enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your deck. An outdoor kitchen expands your livable space, will provide a great ROI (return on investment), and allows you to enjoy every minute of your outdoor summertime! You can read more about the benefits here. If you’re ready to add a luxury kitchen to your deck, get connected with NewAge Products, which specializes in outdoor kitchens. They are also recipients of HomeStars’ Best of Awards. You can learn more about the awards and what they mean here.

Below are the average costs of Deck Building across different cities in Canada:

City Average Minimum Maximum
Calgary $11,533 $100 $50,000
Edmonton $12,474 $1,000 $50,000
Hamilton $13,836 $2,500 $45,000
Oshawa $11,450 $500 $50,000
Ottawa $7,965 $350 $28,000
Toronto $13,565 $135 $50,000
Vancouver $6,456 $300 $30,000

*costs based on 1,264 real homeowner reviews as of March 2022

If you’re ready to upgrade from a simple to high-end deck, be sure to add any one, or multiple, of these luxury design elements to your space now. Don’t be scared by the word luxury, these projects are sure to add value to your home! Check out the HomeStars & Perch partnership to calculate your eligibility for financing options today. If you’re unsure of where to start, head to deskartdecor.com and get connected with all the home improvement experts you need to get these jobs completed this summer.

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