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How to Determine the Feng Shui Direction of Your House

In classical feng shui, knowing the direction your house is facing is necessary in order to determine enhancements and remedies. The only way to discover your home’s direction is with a compass, or even a compass app on your phone. The process of finding your home’s facing and sitting directions is very simple, and can […]

Art Deco Bathrooms: A Comprehensive Guide to Styling

Art Deco bathrooms offer a wide range of design options for your period style bathroom. Geometric patterns, clean straight lines, and rectangle shapes play a big part in this period style and reflect the influences of Cubism, Art Nouveau, and Fauvism. Importance of Color in Art Deco One of the most important interior design roles […]

Master the Basics of Interior Design: 7 Essential Steps

Some people have a knack for going beyond the basics of interior design, blending what seem to be the perfect colors, furniture, art and patterns together to make a room or an entire home really “pop.” The rest of us might have to work a little harder, but with time and research, you’ll have fun […]

12 Breathtaking Floral Design Ideas for Your Table

Breath of Fresh Air Yellow roses, yellow peonies and lilac blooms make a wonderful centerpiece for your coffee table or any side table. This heavy clear glass vase allows the stems to become a design element. New Life for Watering Can This is a low-cost great look and one you can create with a favorite […]

How to Choose a Bedroom Design Style That Speaks to You

Bedroom color and design create the overall ambiance of your bedroom. How To Choose Color and Design Interior design principles teach you to select the largest surface areas first which are typically the walls and floors. However, color scheme can often be dictated by the design choice. Before committing to a color scheme, explore the […]

Mexican Interior Design: 8 Defining Tips and Tricks

If you love the look of bold colors, rustic furnishings and Native American influences, then you might want to consider Mexican interior design for your home. Mexican design has an eclectic feel, mixing rustic wood and wrought iron furnishings with over-the-top, bright, vivid colors. The look incorporates elements from the Spanish missionaries and conquistadors who […]

Boost your wellbeing and productivity at home with these clever lighting tips

Best lighting to improve wellbeing at home (Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole) If you are looking to boost your wellbeing at home, load up on warm lighting options. Warm lighting was found to be the number one choice for creating a cosy and relaxed space. Almost half of the respondents said that warm lighting improved […]