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Office Wall Art Ideas

1. Little Reminders Message art featuring inspiring quotes or turns of phrases to remind you of your daily “why” – what keeps you going day in and day out. Hang up a set of three wall decorations with positive sayings; above, an office wall has nothing but good things to say to the focused WFH-er! 2. Smart […]

Fabric Wall Hanging Ideas – 3 Easy Strategies

Fabric wall art ideas – to keep your room’s perimeter from harshing your mellow. 1. Tapestries Are Still In You’ll never completely eliminate tapestries, but today’s wall hangings are more exciting. They feature textures and colors that you might not have found in older-style tapestries. Choose from a brightly colored wall hanging or something more neutral to decorate […]

5 Home Office Ideas on a Budget + Setup Tricks

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people have had to start working from home. The new working model has brought with it new, unexpected challenges and expenses for many. Considering the number of hours spent working each day, a comfortable environment is paramount to well-being. Among just some of the […]

Types of Stairs Carpenter Can Help You Build

When it comes to replacing or building new stairs in or outside of your home, it’s best left to the professionals. While you can have a say in the overall staircase design, for the material, sizing, and safety features you should consult with a certified stair builder. They have the knowledge to safely construct the stairs […]

French Country Decor Tips That Will Make You Go Oh Là Là

We’re all looking for an escape these days, so why not make your home a haven that feels like a permanent vacation? With its blend of old world charm and timeless elegance, one style that will ensure you feel truly transported is French country. Just like the name suggests, it’s directly inspired by the French […]

Gold Table Decoration Ideas

Gold table decoration ideas to make your style glimmer. 1. Mini Gold Sometimes, the best décor comes in the smallest packages. This round coffee table is golden all over – but it gets an extra dash with a miniature golden vase. Other contenders for the aesthetic include miniature golden dishes, trays and decorative boxes. Perfect for: Glam […]

Raise Your Mug! 6 Coffee Table Alternatives for a Cozier Living Room

When you’re designing a living room, the major pieces of furniture should add seating, surface or storage to your space. Typically, a coffee table is the center of it all, but nobody said you have to be typical. There are plenty of coffee table alternatives that can bring in just as much function and maybe […]


These days, it’s possible (and sometimes required) to accomplish a huge range of educational goals from home. But whether you’re studying for nursing school or learning video editing from YouTube tutorials, it’s important to have a space that’s conducive to working hard and achieving at your highest possible level. That’s why many people have found […]

5 Tips For Styling Your Home Office

While it’s easy to let styling your home office become an afterthought, we’re of the mind that creating a workspace filled with personality and thoughtful details makes for more productive, energized days. Whether you’re working from home full time or you simply want to designate a space for productivity, creating a distraction-free zone for your […]

Home Office Décor Inspiration

If you’re looking for some home office inspiration… you’ve come to the right place! As the idea of the workplace shifts for so many of us, we want to be more intentional about how we design our office spaces to feel functional, beautiful, and productive. Whether your “office” space is an entire room or a […]