4 Outdoor Deck Designs to Welcome the Sun

Maple sap is flowing, birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming. Spring is here and we Canadians couldn’t be more excited about getting outside to enjoy everything the sun has to offer. To ensure that we get the most out of the sunny days ahead, it’s time to start prepping our outdoor living spaces – starting with the deck. 

First things first, it’s important to know that there are various deck wood types, such as cedar, pressure-treated lumber, and types of composite decking. Although you’ll typically enjoy your deck during the warmer seasons, we can’t forget that it has to be an all-season deck given that Canada has some of the harshest winters. Thankfully, a Verified pro on HomeStars, like Lindsay Contracting Inc., can help you decide which types of deck flooring you should invest in. Once you and your pro have decided on the best type of decking material for your home, you’ll need to consider the different styles of decks. Keep reading to discover 4 outdoor deck designs that will get you outside and enjoying the sunshine.

1. Attached Deck

A perspective view of a contemporary Pacific Northwest home with a deck bridging a pond that leads to a pair of modern yellow loungers in a landscaped yard.When the word ‘deck’ is mentioned, it likely conjures up an image of an attached deck. This type of decking is the most common deck you will find in a Canadian home. Similar to a patio, but raised with types of composite decking or wood, the attached deck is located at the back of the home. An attached deck is a seamless way of merging the inside and outside of your home and is a creative way to add extra square footage to your living space. Walking onto your attached deck provides an elevated vantage point to view your garden, pool, or the outdoor project that a Verified pro just helped you complete.

Pro Tip: Have a licensed electrician install outdoor outlets so you can hang fairy lights and continue your deck party into the evening.

2. Island Deck

Photo of luxury garden furniture at the patioIs it just us or does the idea of an island deck scream ‘tropical vacation’? Your foliage may not be tropical, but an island deck is still a great escape. Unlike the attached deck, the island deck is detached and situated away from the home. Typically, an island deck is surrounded by grass, gardens, or trees, providing a hidden oasis in your yard. One advantage of the island deck is that it provides flexibility on where you and your pro can install it. Regardless of the shape of your yard, you can get creative with the placement, size, and shape of your deck!

Style Tip: Don’t forget your SPF and an outdoor canopy to provide a moment of shade from the blistering sun!

3. Rooftop Deck

CHICAGO, IL, USA - AUGUST 12, 2019: A rooftop patio in Chicago with stairs leading up to a seating area and a string lights overhead. Buildings are in the back background with a blue sky and clouds.Let’s make our way to your rooftop deck. The rooftop deck is one of the most glamorous ways to enhance your property. Perfect for sunrise or sunset, this deck design will capture all your guests’ attention as they admire the stunning views. If your goal is to design a rooftop deck, be sure to connect with a structural engineer to ensure it’s structurally stable for your home.

Style Tip: Since you’ll be leading a life of glamour, be sure to find yourself the perfect outdoor sectional, so you can lounge and take in the views with comfort.

4. Outdoor Dining Deck

Luxury view home deck with ocean view fireplace hot tub and patio furnitureAs always, we’ve left the best for last. The outdoor dining deck is more than just a deck – it’s an experience. It’s where a homeowner and their guests can make magical memories. The outdoor dining deck can be simple, with just a table and chairs, or elaborate, with a full outdoor kitchen! Just think of how much use you’ll get out of your dining deck once summertime rolls around.

Once you dine outside, you’ll never want to head indoors. To ensure that you get the most out of your dining deck, be sure to get a quote to install an outdoor fire pit. Whether you’re dining late into the night or season, a fire pit will keep you warm and cozy!

Below are the average costs of deck installations across different cities in Canada:

































*Costs based on 1,264 verified reviews by Canadian homeowners as of March 2022

When summer eventually comes to an end, you’ll have countless memories of all the time spent on your new deck. In an effort to prep for the upcoming season and heat, be sure to connect with a deck pro to install one of these 4 outdoor deck designs! But, one word of advice – once your deck is installed, don’t forget your shades and SPF.

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