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Small Home Office Inspiration for Your WFH Setup

Feeling unmotivated by your current small home office setup? We feel you. It can be tough to get into productivity mode when you’re not totally satisfied with your immediate work environment, and that goes double when that environment just so happens to be right in the middle of your living room (or the middle of your kitchen […]

How to Create a Home Workspace That Works for You

Working successfully from home doesn’t necessarily mean carving out an entirely separate office space in which to tackle your 9-to-5 hustle. “Even if you do not have a whole room to dedicate to a home office, you can still carve out a workspace that supports you to be productive and creative during your billable hours—and that […]

Minimalist Desk Setup Ideas for Maximum Style

You might not immediately think about how you can optimize your desk in terms of visual interest and style—but keeping your desk minimal and organized will not only make it easier on the eyes, it’ll also ensure you’re able to be as productive as possible while at work. Whether you’re looking to add some flair to your […]

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor for the New Year

After taking down decorations, we’ve noticed things looking pretty bare around here. Time for a refresh! To remedy those post-holiday home decor blues, we’re sharing 5 easy ways to give your home an updated look for the new year! 1. Update Your Pillows Though they may be small, they’re mighty! We love throw pillows; what a wonderfully […]

How to Find Pre-Loved Pieces for an Eclectic Boho Home

If an eclectic boho home is your style, you’re most likely the type of person who schedules in thrifting on a Saturday morning — are we right? It’s all about finding the best pre-loved home decor items to give them new life while infusing some old soul into your home. But like everything else, COVID […]

The Best Wall Art Prints for a Quick Home Makeover

You know you want wall art. You know you like wall art. But how do you CHOOSE the best wall art for your home specifically? Genuinely — there is a lot of really good stuff out there. And once you sort passed the wooden “live laugh love” signs, you might find yourself lost in a sea of indecision! Because […]

This Look Good, Work Good With These Cute Home Office Decor Ideas

We’re coming up on a year (in fact, today it’s exactly a year since Los Angeles ordered the mandatory stay at home orders) since the pandemic really took off. Wow….who would have thought we would all still be working at home after this all started…. If you transitioned to a work from home (WFH) setup […]

The Most Beautiful Backyard Garden Ideas and Outdoor Spaces You’ll Love

If all the possibilities of hosting real-life people in your home has you scrolling Instagram and Pinterest for DIY backyard projects, backyard garden ideas, and al fresco décor — you’re not alone. Perhaps you’re considering a pre-wedding event or even an actual backyard wedding! Or maybe the wedding just passed (congrats!) and you’re ready to take on […]

Home office lighting ideas to brighten up your work space

Working from home can be great – you pick your late starts and early finishes, and no one will know if you wear your pyjamas all day! But, to avoid your home office becoming a place of easy distraction and restlessness, good lighting is essential. So we’ve come up with some clever home office lighting […]

Home office storage ideas – 9 ways to keep a work space organised

Only a few years ago, working from home was something most of us did sparingly. But how things of changed. Now, and possibly forever, our  routines will involve some element of home working – meaning that our home office storage ideas have become more relevant than ever. As our home office ideas prove, almost any space […]