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This Jaw-Dropping Beach Home Combines Art Deco Architecture With Modern Miami Vibes

When you think of a beach home, you may begin to picture nautical rope décor, blue and white color palettes, and lots of shell accents that while charming, read a bit cheesy. But one look at this picturesque Miami Beach home is sure to change your perception of seaside design—for good. The design duo behind Calimia […]

Desk Decor Ideas to Make Your Workspace Unique

Each week, you spend large amounts of time sitting at your desk. Why not freshen up the space by decorating? And no, that stack of old mugs piled next to your computer doesn’t count. (Though if you really want to decorate with coffee mugs, we can hook you up with some cool-looking ones.) Instead of settling […]

Tapestry Ideas to Decorate Your Space

f you’re wondering what to do with a tapestry, we’ve got some ideas for you — 20, in fact! A tapestry is a piece of textile fabric that is sometimes thick and handwoven and sometimes thinner, and screen printed. So there are plenty of tapestry ideas that you can start doing today.  1. Make a Statement […]

15 Tips On How to Arrange Wall Art

So you’ve found yourself staring at a blank wall wondering how to arrange wall art so that it looks beautiful and seamless. If you’ve got a massive abstract canvas or even 9 smaller pieces of wall art, you might feel overwhelmed with all the factors that go into creating this statement wall. Where should the […]

Acrylic vs Metal Prints: Understanding the Difference

Are you looking to add some flair to your space, but you’re not sure how to choose between acrylic vs metal prints? Acrylic blocks and metal prints are both wonderful options for home decor. Understanding the difference will help you decide which style will fit your aesthetic and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at all the ins […]

7 Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Office Needs

As a business owner or manager, ask yourselves; what kind of office do you want to spend over one-fifth of your life in? What kind of environment do you want for your employees to invest that much time into? Not only do you want to create an environment where you and your co-workers will functionally […]

10 Best Office Desk Decor Ideas For 2021

Many who work in an office environment will agree that their cubicle is much like a second home. Since the average worker spends around eight hours at the workplace, this hardly comes as a surprise. If you are one of them, why not get creative with your office desk setup? The same mundane environment can not […]

How To Feng Shui Your Office Desk: The 7 Essential Items You Need

If you’re looking to bring more luck to your work life this new year, perhaps it’s time to look at your desk and see how feng shui can help improve it. Here are 7 desk items to have on your office desk for better luck this year. 1. A Plant What It Means: Different plants have […]